Network Service Fee Note
ETH 0.5 ETH This fee is a fee for the token issuing service, and the Gas fee paid to the network at the time of token issuance must be paid separately.

Since the Gas fee fluctuates greatly depending on the network situation, we recommend to check the estimated Gas fee during issuance and click on the ‘Confirm’ button when it is appropriate.
Klaytn 3,300 KLAY
Polygon 700 MATIC
Solana -
Hedera -
Algorand -

* Service fees are updated daily at ‘UTC 01:00’.

Network Unit of number of Txs Service Fee Note
ETH 1,000 Tx 0.1 ETH 0.1 ETH per 1,000 Tx in a transaction to be transferred once

Ex) 0.5 ETH when transferring 5,000Txs
        0.5 ETH when transferring 4,300Txs
        0.5 ETH when transferring 3,900Txs
BSC 1,000 Tx 0.4 BNB
Klaytn 1,000 Tx 700 KLAY
Polygon 1,000 Tx 140 MATIC
Solana -
Hedera -
Algorand -

* The fee is based on the total number of transactions to be sent at one time, but is charged in units of 1,000 transactions.
* Service fees are updated daily at ‘UTC 01:00’.

Service Fee Calculator

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Estimated Airdrop service fee

99,9999 ETH

* The fee will be deducted from the connected wallet upon approval of the transaction when the airdrop is executed. Therefore, the tokens to be airdropped as well as the coins corresponding to the Gas fee and Service fee must be deposited in the connected wallet.

* The Gas fee may vary greatly depending on the network conditions of the main net, so please check the estimated Gas fee before proceeding.