• 1.Enter the information of Network / Token format / Token name / Token ticker (text symbol) / Decimal / Total supply.

  • 2.After selecting the required function in ‘Select Function’, click the 'PAY' button to proceed with payment.

    The more features, the longer the length of the smart contract, which may add costs when security audits of smart contract are performed later by professional audit organizations.

  • 3.When you connect your wallet and complete payment, the button below will switch to ‘ISSUING TOKENS’. At this time, when designating the connected wallet as the owner wallet to manage tokens, click the ‘ISSUING TOKENS’ button, but when designating another wallet as the owner wallet, connect the wallet to be designated as the owner wallet and click the button.

  • 4.After checking the owner’s wallet, click the ‘ISSUE’ button to complete token issuance and move to the completion notice page.

    When issuing a token, a Gas fee to be paid to the network occurs separately from the service fee. Please issue after depositing enough Gas fee to the owner's wallet address before proceeding with the issuing procedure.

  • 5.You can check an issued token information on the token issuance completion notice page, and you can move to the related page by clicking on the smart contract item.

  • 1.After downloading the airdrop file form corresponding to the token format, run the file.

  • 2.Depending on the token format, build a list like this:

    Form 1

    ERC-20 / BEP-20 / KIP-7

    Enter only the wallet address and number of tokens to be airdropped.

    Form 2

    ERC-721 / BEP-721 / KIP-17

    Enter the wallet address to receive the airdrop and the token ID of the NFT to be transferred. If you want to send two or more NFTs to one address, enter as many addresses as the number of NFTs to send in the address input column, and then enter the corresponding same token ID in each row.

    Form 3

    ERC-1155 / BEP-1155 / KIP-37

    Enter the address to receive the airdrop, the token ID of the NFT to send, and the number of tokens to send. If you want to send NFTs with two or more different token IDs to one address, enter as many addresses as the number of NFT token IDs to send in the address input column, and then enter one token ID and the number of tokens in each row. do.

    * e.g.) Upload_Form_1.csv

  • 3.Save the file. When saving, you should save as a csv file separated by a comma (,).

  • 4.After setting the network and token format in the AIRDROP menu, enter the smart contract address and click the ‘Data Interworking’ button.

  • 5.If there is no upload form file, upload the file after creating the upload file through the ‘Download form’ button that is activated after setting the network and token format.

  • 6.If there is nothing wrong with the file, it will inform you that the file upload has been completed as shown below, and the ‘NEXT’ button will be activated. Also, you can check the file upload result through the ‘Check Upload’ button on the top right. (Continued from item 9)

  • 7.When information is not entered or incorrect information is entered in in the file, the content is changed as follows, and the item with an error can be checked.

  • 8.In the result confirmation window, you can check the details of ‘Check errors’.

  • 9.If you click the ‘NEXT’ button after uploading the file, you will be connected to the information confirmation and payment progress page.

  • 10.If you connect your wallet through the ‘PAYMENT' button and pay the service fee, the ‘AIRDROP’ button will be activated and airdrop is possible.

  • 11.When the airdrop is completed through the ‘AIRDROP’ button, it will switch to the completion notice page where you can check related information and move to the relevant page by clicking the TxID item.